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(Mallorca, Spain)

Mallorca is a lively island, known for its Christian festivals, historic events and live outdoor entertainment.

Popular festivals in Mallorca include the following events.

Annual Mallorca Festivals

  • January: Festival of San Sebastián, honouring the patron saint of Palma de Mallorca, featuring many local animals
  • February and March: Carnival, spectacular parades taking place around the island, including fancy dress balls and the Cavalcade (Sa Rua), a notable event held in Palma
  • March: Semana Santa, with 'Holy Week' celebrations held all over Mallorca, including religious processions being particularly prominent in Palma
  • June: Corpus Christi, taking place each year in Pollenca, Mallorca, featuring the famous 'Dance of the Eagles' which takes place in the central town square
  • August: Assumption of the Virgin, held on August 15th, with celebrations all over Spain
  • September and October: Harvest Festivals, with a range of parties celebrating the arrival of autumn, including plenty of food and drink for everyone
  • October: Festa de Virgin, taking place on October 21st, with a range of festivities throughout Palma de Mallorca, including live music and dancing

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Website: www.spain.info/en/que-quieres/ciudades-pueblos/provincias/mallorca.html

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